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Thread: CARRIER NEUTRAL customers

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    Default CARRIER NEUTRAL customers

    This thread will list FDC customers who have carrier neutral connectivity (Internet connection that is not going through FDC'S network).

    You are welcomed to contact these customers to purchase

    - IP space
    - back up connectivity
    - carrier neutral connectivity

    Please note that FDC will not be responsible for any disputes, performance issues or any other problems that are associated with using 3rd party service.
    FDC will only function as a cross connect provider between customers

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    Contact person: Brandon Wade
    Contact email:

    Connectivity: TINET (Tiscali) Transit and IP addresses
    Location: FDC Denver facility

    The following port speeds are offered:
    - 10 mbps dedicated / not shared / full duplex - $89.95 USD / Mo
    - 100 mbps dedicated / not shared / full duplex - $399.95 USD / Mo
    - 1,000 mbps dedicated / not shared / full duplex - Contact for quote

    These ports offered are 100% dedicated.

    Ports speeds available on a daily basis for live event streaming, etc:
    - 10mbps dedicated / full duplex - $10.00 USD / Day (2 Day Minimum)
    - 100mbps dedicated / full duplex - $55.00 USD / Day (2 Day Minimum)

    IP Addresses:
    - Up to 5 static IP's assigned at no cost
    - IPv6 now available
    - Contact for /27 /26 /25 & /24 assignment pricing*
    (* Justification Form Required)

    Traceroute/Ping IP:
    10MB Test File:
    1GB Test File:

    Usage graphs are included. We accept PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer. Please contact to confirm availability.
    No spam + No adult content + No IRC + DMCA compliance required Service provided at FDC's Denver facility only. Contracts available, but not required.
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