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Thread: FDCServers launches CDN service

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    Default FDCServers launches CDN service

    FDCServers is happy to announce that our CDN service is now available. Our main CDN packages are listed on our website at
    Custom CDN and BACKUP packages (bandwidth and HDD space) tailored to specific needs of our customers are available as well.

    Our CDN is featuring most aggressive bandwidth rates, completely redundant and very robust platform with multi 10GE connectivity.

    For those not familiar with CDN (content delivery network) services it is a system that allows users to upload their content (files) to our multi 10GE platform. The content will get replicated to multiple services nodes and multiple hard drives spread between our datacenters. The data is replicated in such manner that even with a loss of a hard drive, service node or one of our datacenters going offline will not impact accessibility of your data. In addition to complete redundancy our system is very scalable and overcomes hardware and network bottlenecks associated with single server applications.

    Trial account can be requested with

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    is there CDN demo website?

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    you can request trial account. If you are an existing client please open up a ticket. If you are not email

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    page can no be found.

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