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Thread: Illegal Content on Zlin?

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    Question Illegal Content on Zlin?


    I read the forum and i learned that illegal content doesnt allowed because of US laws.
    Is there same restrictions on Zlin, EU server. I dont know anything about laws in Czech Republic.
    I dont want to share any file on Dedicated Server. I want to download movies which are not copyrighted, via torrent and upload to filehosts.
    I mean i will not host or share any illegal content on server. File will be remain only for 2-3 days on server.
    Its probably not allowed on US servers. But what about Zlin,EU?


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    fdc is US based, so they will have to follow US rules

    i doubt if fdc zlin was a different entity and allow such activity , someone from staff can comment on it

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    As ankurs correctly mentioned, FDCservers is U.S based and the same AUP/TOS applies to all datacenter locations.
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